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  • User-Friendly and ConvenientRegistering for your event has never been easier than with our new Shopping Cart format. Need to make changes or add items? No problem.
  • Social Media and Community BuildingBuild exposure and participation of your event through integrated Facebook tools. Let the power of social media simplify your event marketing.
  • Personalized Registration ExperienceWe feature deep customization options for the appearance and content of your online registration pages.
  • Unparalleled Reporting and Event Management ToolsYou have real-time access to all of the registration data and configuration components for your event.
  • Proven and Flexible Scoring SystemsHundreds of contests have been processed through our system, featuring vetted calculations using WSDC, ACDA, and UCWDC rules.
  • Support for Product SalesSell branded products through your online registration pages, accompanied by photo galleries. Apparel, coffee mugs, event videos... You name it!
  • Table Management and Assigned SeatingFull table management features allow you to view at a glance the progress toward filling your ballroom.
  • Companion App and Tablet ScoringComing Soon in 2014!!
User-Friendly and Convenient1 Social Media and Community Building2 Personalized Registration Experience3 Unparalleled Reporting and Event Management Tools4 Proven and Flexible Scoring Systems5 Support for Product Sales6 Table Management and Assigned Seating7 Companion App and Tablet Scoring8
Now Open!
Jan 16, 2015 - Wild Wild Westie 2015 added!

Online registration is now available for Wild Wild Westie 2015! Registration for Wild Wild Westie (July 2 - July 5) is now open! Buy your weekend pass and sign up for competitions all in one location! Come for the leveled workshops, stay for the 10+ hours of social dancing and other activities, and of course, earn WSDC points competing in our Jack and Jills. Hope to see you 4th of July weekend!!! Register now!

Jan 28, 2015 - Swingapalooza 2015 added!

Online registration is now available for Swingapalooza 2015! Approaching their 9th year, this event has always been better than the one before and 2015 is no exception! We have an awesome, outgoing professional staff who is inspirational, social, talented, and will keep you dancing all night long! So, come down to Louisiana and enjoy our southern hospitality, great food, and friendly people! Register now!

Jan 9, 2015 - Extreme Swing Weekend 2015 added!

Online registration is now available for Extreme Swing Weekend 2015! Presenting the return of the Fantastic Four! Robert Royston, Deborah Szekely, Benji Schwimmer, and Melissa Rutz will be putting on an amazing show and teaching can't-miss workshops! Come join us in Calgary! Register now!

A New Approach to Event Managementease of use with unparalleled features

At SwingDirector, we believe that your event should be as enjoyable for you, the Event Director, as it is for your dancers.

We accomplish this by providing a wide array of event management tools and features designed for ease of use. Let's face it - developing and managing your event is complex enough without fighting with the software as well.

But SwingDirector extends well beyond the management of a single event. We also offer tools for promoting your future events and the dance community in general, including newsletters and more. We'll help you build your event by focusing on creating relationships with its most important component - the DANCERS.

Are you running a Country Dance event? We can help you there as well! Check out our partner site, CountryDanceDirector.com!