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“At SwingDirector, we believe that your event should be as enjoyable for you, the Event Director, as it is for your dancers.”

Features Overview

Online and Onsite Management
Prior to your event, SwingDirector online registration tools allow your customers to easily manage their registrations, contests, product purchases, and table reservations. If they make a mistake, they can easily return and correct it. Once your event has begun, a robust interface allows you to see at a glance every feature of a customer's registrations, contests, and purchases.
Unlimited Admission Types
Admission types include unlimited varieties of weekend passes, day passes, and other customizable admissions (i.e, workshops, etc.)  In addition, admissions items may individually be adjusted to allow or disallow deferral of payment until event check-in. Finally, weekend pass requirements may be tied to any contest registrations.

Table Management and Reservations
Table reservations and seating assignments may be automatically integrated within the online registration process, and onsite management tools easily provides a view of available table seats. We make it as easy as possible to fill those chairs.
Contest Management and Scoring
Contest types allowed include partner-defined (strictly swing), random partner (jack & jill), or other (team, cabaret, etc.)  For large contests, multiple rounds may be necessary, and SwingDirector makes it easy to advance competitors accordingly. Final pairings for Jack & Jill contests are also simple to manage, and all final scoring calculations provide detailed explanations for every placement. Relative placement calculations are based upon the methodology recommended by the World Swing Dance Council.

Event Products
You want to increase your revenue with branded products from your event? SwingDirector can integrate an unlimited number of products directly into the registration process, with sales tax calculations defined by you. Product details allow for size and color variations, and every product can feature it's own photo gallery.

Extensive Reporting
Detailed reports are predefined for admissions, contests, table reservations and seat assignments, product purchases, and payment histories. These reports are directly printable, or may be downloaded in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

Secure Transactions
SwingDirector natively supports credit card transactions through either Authorize.Net or PayPal, and all transactions are protected with the security of SSL encryption. Full payment histories and details of merchant processing responses are also logged.

Event Promotion and Community-Building
We look beyond a single dance event at SwingDirector. Features currently in development will help you promote your product through community forums, event photo galleries, and newsletters. In addition, flexible event search capabilities will help dancers reach YOUR event. Stay tuned for these new features.